Modern Software Engineering

We develop bespoke software solutions for a wide variety of fields and pride ourselves on choosing the right tools for every job. Our core competencies are business, web and embedded applications, with a focus on correctness and excellent performance.

Modern development techniques, tools and languages are our passion. Introducing innovative developments into established sectors takes our customers to the forefront of technology. In sectors ranging from automotive to healthcare, design to firmware, we bring new impulses along with proven practices.


New Technology

All of our teams are focused on taking advantage of new technologies without forgetting lessons from the past. We are excited about the possibilities of the new safety and reliability of state-of-the-art languages like Rust or Elm, combined with proven best practices like continous integration, delivery and deployment, DevOps tooling and clean, well-tested code.

As a result, our products have noticeably better quality – we catch errors before deployment, so they don't turn into costly production issues.

Reliable Experience

While we are excited about technologies, we do not forget our history – with a decade of experience in tried-and-true languages like Python, C/C++ or JavaScript and knowledge when to use them, going ahead fast, taking advantage of large established ecosystems and interacting with legacy systems.

Iterative Development

We put a premium on iterative development: Producing a first working version quickly and refining it along with our customers is our preferred mode of operation. Components produced for early prototypes are built sturdy enough to often be reused in production. Proper software engineering techniques keep wasted effort to a minimum while homing in on the final product.

This helps us keep the product in line with our client's vision, and costs under control, while even accommodating last-minute changes in scope and function.

The Team

Our teams contain diverse skill sets: Your project is one of a kind and so will be the people implementing it. With varying backgrounds from security to graphics, embedded firmware to machine learning, image recognition to DevOps, we combine experience from a multitude of perspectives into a coherent approach to your use case.

Along with our network of highly specialized experts, we offer versatility: Complex problems require expertise in a variety of areas and we offer solutions from a single source.

As a tight-knit team of software professionals, project managers, designers and hardware engineers, we work hard to build the software the way it should be written. Teamwork allows us to provide reliable services that are more than the sum of their parts, without running into organizational problems that plague larger groups.

Ask what We Can Do for You

Web Applications

Even after decade of experience in developing traditional and single page applications in many different programming languages we find the web application landscape of internal and external applications ever changing. You can profit from our experience running small and large applications in production as well.

Embedded Firmware

We develop for a variety of ARM hardware platforms, both bare-metal and on embedded Linux, with experience in safety-critical and realtime applications. Get in touch with us to talk more about our embedded knowledge.

Internet of Things

From PCB design to firmware, to networked applications, user facing apps all the way to deployment: We offer Internet of Things development done cleany, from a single source. Ask us for an integrated, complete realization of your designs.

Fast Prototyping

Whether it be producing a complete product or a single part, our process will allow you to validate your ideas using prototypes fast. Find out if your approach is feasible, knowing that we will be ready to develop your ideas further.

Business Automation

We love to help businesses improve their workflow by automating tasks through custom-made software, freeing resources and opening up new possibilities throughout the company. Talk to us if you feel there is something in your business process a computer should do instead!

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