Integrated Hardware Design

We combine in-depth knowledge of software systems with reliable hardware engineering to create high-quality products and systems.

MCU- and Single-Board Computer PCBs

Our services include the design of stand-alone printed circuit boards (PCBs) that feature one or more ARM-based microcontroller units (MCUs) with peripherals such as sensors and actors, as well as extension boards for single board computers, including the widely available Beaglebone or Raspberry Pi.

Aimed at automotive, research, robotics or product prototypes, we draft schematics in fast design cycles together with our customers.

High-Quality Firmware

Development does not stop at the PCB or a proof-of-concept: Delivering high quality firmware from a single source is equally important to us, be it on bare-metal platforms or embedded Linux.

Firmware development is a joint effort between hardware and software engineers, for a seamless transition between areas of expertise.

Safe and Secure Development

With a range of implementation languages at our disposal, we choose just the right technology for each individual project. While our teams are well-versed in tried and true technologies including C and C++, we like to explore advanced features of modern programming languages such as Rust to deliver firmware that is both safe and secure from the start. These modern approaches eliminate issues by virtue of language design that would otherwise only potentially be found through third-party linters.

Some embedded projects profit more from increased development speed, a large ecosystem and good third-party interaction that languages like Python bring instead of unadulterated performance. Our flexibility allows us to choose the best approach for any requirement.

Rapid Iteration

We apply advances in modern software development to hardware design: Drops in manufacturing time and cost have made rapid cycles of prototypes possible. Faster feedback and more testing allows us to find issues earlier and our customers to adjust a project's direction throughout the process.

Modern tooling has a place in hardware development and we speed along the transfer: Version control, automated testing during all development stages and proper architecture with reusable code is not something we consider a software-exclusive.

A Single Source

We bridge the gap between hardware and software development. Firmware is too important to be left as an afterthought. Hardware designs need an experienced hand.

Inside our company, we combine overlapping areas of expertise to eliminate friction and provide better services for clients. Innovative development methods allow us to realize ideas rapidly and in turn enable our customers insights, sooner.

New developments and demands for things like Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 applications have raised the bar for embedded development. Exposing systems to the outside world increased security demands and we are set on meeting and exceeding these.

We build from start to finish: From the PCB design and firmware, through network security and application servers to cloud-based backends and business data analysis, we offer high-quality components as well as integrated complete systems.

Try a New Approach

Product Prototypes

Need a prototype for your app-controlled selfie box? Developing automated plant watering systems for those without a green thumb? Got another product idea that needs developing? We love hearing about your ideas!

Test Bench Controls

Do you require controls, data logging, automation programs or an integrated solution to drive your test stands? Want to push boundaries by applying machine learning to fully automated parametrization and testing? Get in touch with us and find out how we can support your mechanical engineers with tailor-made hard- and software.

IoT Products

Want to develop an IoT product with proper security practices? Do you have trouble integrating thousands of devices into a cohesive, connected whole? Let us help you out.

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