At Home in Karlsruhe

49nord is named after the 49th parallel north that runs through the city center of Karlsruhe and around the world. The company was founded on the desire of a handful experienced software developers, mathematicians and electrical engineers to break the mold of what felt like stagnating areas in software and hardware engineering.

On the hunt for new influences, we bolstered our ranks of eletrical engineers and computer scientists with designers, civil engineers and mathematicians. Today we focus on improving established practices by always keeping an eye open for potentially rewarding new technologies.

As a small company, we enjoy devoting our energy to development instead of overhead. If something is not involved in producing great products, it must at least make it easier for developers to do so.

Sharing what we Love

Keeping close ties to the KIT, we also collaborate with Hack & Söhne to provide tech talks for students and other interested parties. If you are in the area, save the date and feel free to stop by and participate.

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